Frequently Asked Questions

It includes at least two baths, a blow dry, a fluff dry, the haircut of your choice, anal glands expressed, ears plucked and wiped, and a nail and sanitary trim. A spritz of cologne follows every grooming, and a clean, happy pet sports a bow and bandana to greet his/her owner.

If you call the location to which you wish to take your dog, we’ll be happy to quote you an estimate. Due to the different dog breeds, sizes, and the difficulty of the clips, we can’t give a firm cost until we’ve seen your pet.

We offer a ‘calendar program’ for all pets; if you book your appointments for a year in advance, you will receive a $5 discount on all scheduled and kept appointments.

No, we do not because de-matting is much too painful for a pet.

Four to six hours, or, you can have a two hour ‘Express Groom’ for $20 extra.

Whether or not we are able to fit in a walk-in depends on how many pets we have in a salon on any given day. We do prefer appointments and generally ask our regular clients, who are not on our calendar program, to book at least a week in advance to ensure an opening is available.

Yes, you can, providing that you arrive at least thirty (30) minutes before closing time to pick up your pet. You can call the salon of your choice to verify their opening and closing times.

We do not handle aggressive or hard to handle dogs so we do not find tranquilizers are not necessary. We also ask you not to bring in a pet who has been tranquilized. A muzzle will be used only if absolutely necessary.

No, we do not groom cats at this time.

It is good to start them at about 8 weeks of age.

We require only a proof of a Rabies vaccine, but we recommend other shots be given.

No, but we use a shampoo that will kill live fleas for up to three days.

No, we do not have boarding facilities.

We groom according to the pet’s pace and at its comfort level. For instance, we won’t force an older dog to stand if standing is uncomfortable or painful. It’s important to us that we offer gentle grooming for your precious pets.

All pets are separated. If pets from the same household are brought in, and if the owner requests, they can be kenneled together.

We recommend an occasional bath and routine brushing. Please be aware that when your pet’s brought to us to be groomed, if the fur is matted due to no maintenance, or to improper brushing, we may not be able to save the coat. Our groomers will be happy to give you a demonstration on how best to brush your pet’s coat.

Every four to six weeks, depending on your pet and the haircut.