Meet the Instructors

Mari Dancause – NCMG – Instructor/Manager

Award Winning Pet groomer

  • Instructor, Manager Featherle Pet Care of Chantilly
  • National Certified Master Groomer
  • Graduate of Canine Clippers School of Pet Grooming
  • Working with company since 1994
  • Winner of multiple awards in national grooming competitions
  • Specializes in all AKC Breed Standards
  • Skilled at ‘Custom order’ non-standard cuts and styling of all breeds

Mari Dancause, NCMG, Certified Master Groomer, is the manager of our Chantilly salon. She is a graduate of Canine Clippers School of Pet Grooming, and has been with our company since 1994, when she started as a bather. Since then, she has gone on to become an award winning groomer. Mari has placed in many competitions. Some of her awards include: 1st place in ‘Creative Styling’ at the 1999 VGA Show, Leesburg; and, in 2004, a 1st in ’Mixed’, a 1st in ‘Feline Fantasy’ at Intergroom, N.J., and a 1st in ‘Creative Styling’ at Groom Expo, Hershey, PA. Currently she is the at our Chantilly location of Featherle Pet Care. Highest on Mari’s list of priorities are the health and safety of the pets at the salon and the happiness of the staff. She recognizes the inherent personality, intelligence and feelings in animals and feels a strong aversion to their treatment as possessions. Developing a good rapport with dogs that even a vet cannot handle is only one of her many special talents.

Mari is quite eclectic in her skills and grooms all breeds, including the unusual. Her artistry comes naturally: her grandfather was an oil painter and her own talents include drawing. But, her most original work now takes place in the grooming salon where she loves the challenge of ‘Custom Orders’: Non standard cuts and styling. Mari shares her home with two felines: Mac and Miskie.

Julie Mines – Instructor/Manager

Dog grooming School Instructor

  • Instructor, Manager Wash-N-Wag of Culpeper
  • Graduate of Canine Clippers School of Pet Grooming
  • Trains and cares for horses
  • All Breed Professional Dog Groomer

Julie Mines is the manager and a groomer at Wash -N- Wag of Culpeper. Julie started in 2009 with Canine Clippers part-time as a personal and administrative assistant to Linda Law, our founder. While there she helped care for, ride and train Linda’s beautiful Arabian horses, she has even been known to drive the tractor on Linda’s farm, in addition to the office responsibilities. Julie, being an intelligent woman of many talents, was able to fill several crucial roles and is an invaluable asset to the company. During her time with us she graduated from the University of Mary Washington with a bachelor degree in Biology and a minor in Arabic, then after graduation went on to attend Canine Clippers School of Pet Grooming. Julie received her graduation certificate in October of 2013.

Julie’s interest and passion for animals began at a young age with her taking it upon herself to search out stray animals in the need of a home, possibly her home. She was very lucky and was able to nourish her budding interest by being allowed to have a large variety of small pets, as she grew up it was not unusual to see Julie with a gerbil, bunny or bird in her hands. At the age of 11 she fell in love for the first time with Magic, a beagle, and his half-brother Koa whom her family adopted. A few years later Honey, a Lab, joined the family. Over the years a few cats came to live with Julie: ‘Casper’, ‘Francis’ the lazy cat, and ‘Mr. Wheeze’ (who is now with her parents) just to name a few. One furry family member that is very close to Julie’s heart is ‘Sid’, a 7/8 Arabian and 1/8 Saddlebred horse. She started riding at the age of 7 and got ‘Sid’ when she turned 14.

Her interest in grooming began while visiting Canine Clippers School of Pet Grooming and Salon in Dumfries Virginia on work related errands. Soon she was bathing and the foundation of learning to groom began. It was not a surprise when she decided to attend the school as a student and trained under Ronda Nottingham, NCMG, at our Wash and Wag of Culpeper location. With her extensive knowledge of the running of the salon and the skill in which she grooms she moved into the assistant manager, then the manager position, quickly.

Julie was born in San Diego, and has lived in Hawaii, as well as in various locations in Virginia. She currently resides in Spotsylvania with her husband and her fur buddies Pudge and Beatrice.

Stormie Hamilton – Instructor/Assistant Manager

Canine Clippers School of Pet Grooming Graduates

  • Instructor, Assistant Manager Featherle Pet Care of Chantilly
  • Graduate of Canine Clippers School of Pet Grooming
  • Born from family of breeders
  • Specializes in Terriers and Doodles
  • Trains horses

Stormie Hamilton is currently grooming at Featherle Pet Care of Chantilly. Introduced to the grooming world early, at the age of 6 or 7, while accompanying her grandmother to pick up the furry family members, Stormie’s interest was piqued. Seeing how happy they were to be clean and pretty just delighted her. A little over a decade later she officially became a 2011 graduate of Canine Clippers School of Pet Grooming and is certified in Terriers and Non-Sporting breeds. Stormie has become an award winning groomer. A couple of her awards are 2nd place in Terriers (level C) at Hershey and 3rd place in Terriers(level C) at Tyson’s Corners. Unlike her name Stormie is a ray of sunshine and is a joy to be around. Having been around a plethora of animals of various species her whole life she is very skilled at reading an animal’s mood. Her family has been breeding Goldendoodles and Labradoodles since she was a little girl, giving her an early lesson in the ability to judge temperament. The greatest grooming challenge for Stormie is transforming pets from those that do not want to be groomed, that need extra patience and sometimes even an extra hand, into pets that enjoy the whole experience of being groomed. She also feels this is one of the most satisfying aspects of her profession.

Stormie shares her home with her husband, Evan and “Darbie” (a Papillon/Chihuahua mix).